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Persuasive Speech - Money Is Not Everything

By basyirstar Apr 03, 2011 530 Words
I. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and even beyond, we all use money to live in this world. We as new generation of human should not think that money is part of our lives. With only money, not all things you can get, So, I will say money is not everything.

II. Don’t always depend on money.

III. Reason why people should not depends on money.
A. Money can’t help us when we are dying.
B. Affect the morality of people to negative situation.
C. Money brings destruction to lives.
TRANSITION: We as human always thinking to get job for the money, but have you realize that money is only tangible thing that will not last forever.

I. Reason why money can’t help people when someone die. A. Money is a thing.
1. Temporary things that only use during life time.
2. It is created by human.
3. It value can’t buy everything.
i. Money can buy a bed but not sleep.
ii. Money can buy a clock but not time.
iii. Money can buy insurance but not safety.
B. God’s judgment will not deal with money.
4. God only deal with sin and reward.
C. Money can’t produce someone respect.
5. Someone belief is not evaluate by money.
6. With only money you can’t buy dignity and forgiveness.

TRANSITION: Now you are realizing that money can’t help someone that die. Let’s get through about the detail why money gives a bad moral to individual person. II. Negative moral
A. Obsession to money.
1. Someone will give bribe to other person to get something they want – the richer become richer, the poor become poorer (not being fair). 2. Risk life and dignity by doing criminal
B. Fraud
3. Daughter cheats their parent to get money.
4. Student cheating to get scholarship.

TRANSITION: Many of people are worried so much if they didn’t have money but they didn’t realize that money not only gives advantage to us, but rather disadvantage. Now, I will reveal the truth about money in human lives and how its bring destruction to us. III. Cause of human live destruction.

A. Money makes human loss their lives.
1. Killing someone for their own sake.
2. Snatcher - pregnant women die because of snatcher activity. B. Money makes someone suffer.
3. Human always thinking money is everything and without money they will suffer (Drug addict). 4. Money makes human going crazy (gambling).

I. I hope I have changed your mind about not always depend on money. A. Money can’t help us when we are dying.
B. Affect the morality of people to negative situation. C. Money brings destruction to lives.
Money is good but loving it makes it bad. We can work hard to earn more money. We can sell our properties and our other belongings to have money in emergencies. Remember, we should work not only for the reason of receiving but also for the reason of giving. Money is indeed important, but it is not everything.

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