Persuasive Speech Guidelines

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Persuasive Speech Guidelines
Time Length:​
5-7 minutes
You will choose a topic for your persuasive speech.
When considering a topic:
● will you have enough information to cover for the length of the speech? ● will your audience be interested in your viewpoint on this topic? ● will you enjoy researching this topic?
Once you have received approval for your topic, you will need to create an outline. This will help you plan your research and delivery of your speech.
Visual Aids:​
You must have some sort of visual presentation format: Google Slides, Powerpoint, Prezi, etc.
Notecards: ​
You may use 6 notecards with bullet points (you will turn these in once you give your speech). You may not use a Chromebook, typed speech, or regular size paper. Dress:​
Formal dress is optional and worth an additional 5 points on your final speech grade. However, you will lose 5 points if you are dressed VERY informally, including, but not limited to: ● pants or jeans with holes

● sweatpants or track pants
● t-shirts, hoodies, or track jackets
● leggings without an appropriate length shirt or dress
● revealing clothing (including pants hanging too low)
Due Dates:
Topic approval:​
Monday, April 13 (10 points) Use Google Form: ​
Outline Due:​
Wednesday, April 22 (20 points)
Speeches begin:​
Tuesday, April 28 (60 points)
Works Cited:​
Due when you give your speech ​
(MLA format)​
and at the end of your visual presentation
(-10 points, if incorrect or missing)
As you prepare your speech, ask yourself…
● Is my speech so CLEAR that everyone will understand?
● Is my speech so CONCISE that no one’s time will be wasted? ● Is my speech COMPLETE?
● Am I confident that my information is absolutely CORRECT? ● Have I provided CONCRETE examples so that the audience can see my point? ● Can I CONNECT my speech with what I know about my audience?

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