Persuasive Speech - Certification Programs
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Persuasive Speech
English 101

Topic: Certification Programs

General Purpose: To explain the benefits of certification programs; which I hope will persuade individuals to enroll in a certification program of their choice.
Thesis: This speech will cover the many educational alternatives of certification programs in higher education, as well as their advantages. This will include a detailed description of certification courses in Computer, Nursing, and Trucking.


Are you one of millions of people who would like to earn great money in a respectable field of profession, but refuse to sit through 4 full years of a Bachelor's program? Such an achievement is within reach for many and they are completely legal! Today in America, hundreds upon thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds are signing up for Certification programs as a quick, easy, and more affordable alternative to an Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree. Today I will just touch on a few of these Certification programs as examples of the many different pathways you can take towards your education, including Computer, Nursing and Truck Driving. Who knows, by the end of this speech, perhaps you will be ready to leave this classroom, permanently!


I. For those who are superb with computers, yet find themselves bored with the interminable pen-and-paper lectures often despised in state and private universities, maybe a Computer Certification program would be a better alternative to higher education.
A. Several advantages lie in obtaining one or more of these certifications.
i. As technology continues to roll uphill, millions of people rely on computers to perform everyday tasks in the work environment.
1. Therefore, as one of the most demanding fields of profession, a career in the realm of computers is an excellent choice, as it offers a higher possibility for job placement.
2. In addition to this, with the proper certifications, someone with

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