Persuasive Speech Against Video Games

Topics: Stem cell, Embryonic stem cell, Adult stem cell Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: February 22, 2014
Cells Research Good or Bad
Is it ok to use stem cells as research? Embryonic stem cells are another potential source for regenerative treatments. Adult stem cells are efficacias and morallyb non-controversion sources for regenerative medical treatments. Stem cell research is information you can get on stem cells and what can it do to your body. There is an need for stem cell research because we seeing what disease it can cure. People is against stem cell research because after the union of egg and sperm, and require the embryos' destruction. Stem cells research benefits us human because it cures diseases and help scientists learns more information about how disease work.

Some disease may not find an cure, however, some disease you can find an cure by using stem cells. Some disease you can't find because it hard to see how the disease is function. In the text "Grappling with the Ethic of stem cell Resaerch" it statethat "from experiments on mice and rats that have not yet been reproduced in people." You can find an cure by using stem cells because if they keep doing the researchthey will probably find an solution. If they keep researching about stem cells, what will the scientists get out of it?

Some scientists don't know how some diseases function in the body but with stem cells they will find the way disease is function. Some scientists don't know how it function because they can't find answers or how to get them out the body's cells. Stem cells is the answer for finding how disease is function because then they will know what kind of cells to get rid of . From all of this information is making me think that should they or shouldn't use stem cells research.

My opinion is that they
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