Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive Speech
“Donating Blood”
Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to donate blood regularly if their blood is safe to be transferred to another human being.
Central Idea: Donating blood helps save lives through a relatively simple and painless process that also provides numerous benefits to the donor. Introduction
Attention Step:
I. (Attention) One day while Jim was enjoying one of his favorite hobbies, flying small airplanes, the airplane crashed and Jim suffered broken bones and serious burns over most of his body. He was rushed to the hospital and lives today only because of people like you. II. (Purpose) People like you made a conscious decision to donate blood and it’s their blood that has given Jim life. It is highly probably that you or someone you know will need a blood transfusion.

According to Dr. Bianco, the President of America’s Blood Centers, you are the new generation of donors—people in their late teens and early twenties. He says that this "new generation of donors is the key to our blood supply today and tomorrow."

III. (ID of Opposition/Credibility) Through extensive research and personal experience of giving blood, I have learned how important it is to donate blood. I know some of you may hate the thought of needles or think that giving blood won’t really help. But, please consider what I say and make a better informed decision after hearing the benefits I present in this speech.

IV. (Preview of Main Points) After explaining the need for a sufficient blood supply, the donation process, and benefits of giving blood I hope you will decide to save people’s lives by donating blood.

(Transition): Now, let’s begin with the need for blood donation. Body
I. Need Step
A. Dr. Bianco is also quoted as saying, "the stress on the blood supply is increasing."
1. The demand for blood never lets up because according to
MetLife, every day thousands of people need donations to survive. 2. The blood must go through a series of time-consuming tests and then used before it perishes—whole blood for instance can not be used after 42 days.

3. As a result, maintaining an adequate blood supply is a
B. Do not donate blood if you are unsure about the safety of your blood—meaning not sure about what infectious agents, such as HIV and Hepatitis, are in your blood.
1. It is smarter not to give blood at all than it is to pass on contaminated blood to another individual
2. Jim’s life has taken an unfortunate turn because although he survived that plane crash, he now suffers from symptoms of Hepatitis B because of one or more contaminated pints of blood.
C. According to the article, How to Give the Gift of Life, by Carolyn Gard, "Ninety-seven percent of the people in the United States will need blood at some point in their lives and it is up to people like you and I who will decide if they will receive that blood."

1. People young and old, short and tall require transfusions to replace blood they’ve lost during surgery, because of accidents or internal bleeding, and to treat diseases.
2. According to America’s Blood Centers, "…of the 69 million children in the United States, hundreds of thousands suffer from various forms of leukemia, sickle cell, need transplants, and are born prematurely."

a. Many of these kids today run, skip, and play because
they got another chance at life.
b. Dr. Bianco has stated that in most cases, "this would
not be possible without the generosity of volunteer
blood donors."
(Transition) Now that we know the problem, let’s move on to the solution.

II. Satisfaction Step
A. I want you to want to donate blood and to understand the process of giving blood.
B. The Civitan Blood Center has outlined the simple process of donating blood and I would like to share that information with you. 1. First you must be found eligible to donate blood.
a. You must be at least 17 years...

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