Persuasive Speech

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'The three-day weekend by law.'

Lower transportation costs. Less money spent on facilities and overhead. Increased teacher and student attendance. And...higher test scores? New research suggests, perhaps that the four-day school week not only doesn't hurt student achievement, but seems to help! The four-day school week has some appeal when budgets are tight, especially in rural districts where students and teachers may travel a long way to get to school. In America schools in 17 states have four-day school weeks, which usually entail longer school days in order to meet instructional hour requirements. In Colorado, for instance, more than a third of districts use the shorter week. So in England why can't we have the shorter week? I will tell you why! It's the government, the lot of them, they're all stubborn, they know if a law was passed to have the four day week will improved attendance, increased teacher job satisfaction, better teaching methods, and the longer school day might allow for longer lessons, for instance. Also it has been suggested to me that the four-day week might lead to a decrease in the dropout rate and increase the potential for high school students to have part-time jobs. I've also heard the argument that a four-day work week would lessen schools' environmental impact. so with all these positives why would the government not want to have a four day week. Let go back a bit.........on Monday morning when you are in your bed your cosy, warm, comfortable bed, do you think to yourself oh happy days I'm going back to work or school! NO! You would think quite the opposite, you don't want to go, but when you hear the sound of the alarm clock your heart sinks. You know you have to get up and start the week again. I have heard with my own to ears that pupils think they would do better if they had the Monday off they would be happier to go the next day, they believe that if they had that one extra day to relax, their work would improve rapidly. They...
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