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Title: Organ Donation – the life saver.
Topic: Most of the times people face challenges with their body organs and yet most of us die with our organs which can be used to save a life. Purpose statement: to persuade the Red Cross club members in becoming organ donors and to act upon their decision to donate. I. INTRODUCTION

A. Attention Getter: What is the feeling of having to wait long for something that you really need? How do you feel when it’s something you can’t do without? Many years back, one of my best friends in primary school was diagnosed with a kidney failure. He was around seven years when the wait for a new kidney began. Two years later, he had been called thrice informing him that there was still no match for him. Fortunately for him, a young adult involved in a bad accident agreed to donate his organs after death. His kidney was the match that my friend needed. Similarly, most people would want to be able to say that they have saved a life? What other selfless way than becoming an organ donor? B. Tie to the audience: You never know whether one of the people on the waiting list would be you or somebody you know. C. Thesis statement: There is a growing need for organ donors and it is becoming a donor after death is a lifesaving decision. D. Thesis and Preview: I’d like to talk to you about the need for organ donors, how to become one after death and how it benefits both your family and the organ recipients. However, there are numerous stigmas associated with organ donation but most of them are false and as a result of lack of proper information about organ donation. Therefore I will also talk about the arguments against donations. (I’ll begin by informing you about the dire need for organ donors.) II. BODY

A.Everywhere in the world, there is need for body transplants which require our help. 1.The main problem is that there is huge lack of organs and organ donors. a.The need is for organs and tissues such as liver, corneas, kidney, lungs, blood vessels among others. b.The waiting list for organs is updated every fifteen minutes with a new name. 1.Around 10 people die every day while waiting for a transplant (LifeSource par 6) 2.The reason for this is that there are only very few donors. (LifeSource par 2) c.It is possible for a person to donate an organ or choose which organs to donate after his/her death. 2 Organ donations is important

a.Robert Test’s poem “To Remember Me” shows in part the importance of donating our organs to others. “Give my sight to the man who has never seen a sunrise, a baby’s face or love in the eyes of a woman. Give my heart to a person whose heart has caused nothing but endless days of pain…” (South Dakota Lions Eye Bank, undated brochure).

B.Becoming an organ donor and the benefits of being a donor 1. Once you decide that you would want to donate some of your organs after death, inform your family as they will be involved in the donation agreements. It is important to specify which organs or tissues you wish to donate. 2. Follow the laid down procedures in your country.

a. Fill out a uniform donor card and always carry it with you. b. This card shows which organs you wish to donate, it should be signed by your family members as witnesses for your decision.(Gundersen Lutheran Hospital [LaCrosse, WI] undated brochure). 3. Donating organs gives the recipient a second chance in life. 4. Knowing that their loved ones helped save a life becomes a great consolation and helps families cope with the loss. C. Arguments against organ donation and refutations

1.People of all ages can become organ donors; however children under 18 should get permission from their parents. (Hexum312) 2.Myths about becoming an organ donor.(mayo clinic staff par 2and 3) a.If people agree to donate their organs, doctors don’t work hard to save their lives. This claim is untrue as the doctors’ main focus is to save the patient’s lives. b.I am too old to...
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