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By momo_doe Sep 25, 2014 734 Words
 Most individuals go through their day unappreciated. One profession that is no stranger to this is our professors. Day by day, professors teach the future generation, but all they receive as an exchange are non-appreciative students. Students rarely tell their teachers that they are incredible at what they do.S The majority of them show no adoration after a class lesson. Professors are the people who dedicate their lives every single day to guarantee that students get a proper education. Yet, students don’t take the time to show appreciation for what they have been taught. In fact, showing appreciation can potentially help the students as well as motivating the professor. Professors deserve to be appreciated for what they do.

Why don’t college students see their professors outside of the class or campus? It’s because professors are always at home working hard to plan lessons! Yes lessons, for the same people who casually walk by the professor after a lecture uttering no words. Consider the amount of time and effort that go into their jobs; arranging each lesson out, reviewing the material over and over, grading papers, and even trying to remember all their 100+ students’ names! At the same time, trying to make the next lesson a more fun and enjoyable experience for the students. It’s incredible what professors do to see that their students understand the material and accomplish success. The material is very challenging, and they try their best to make it as simple as possible. On top of all that, they will sometimes make an effort to be available after class for tutoring. Most students ignore these efforts and just take it all for granted, while never really giving back. The devotion professors make to their students goes unnoticed and it shouldn’t, it should be recognized and appreciated.

Giving a professor a nice compliment on their teaching or a simple, “thank you for all that you do” can go a long way. Showing appreciation for what they do can bring a great amount of joy and satisfaction to them. Hearing those words coming from the students they teach gives them a sense of pride and raises their spirit. It could motivate them to come back bigger and better with much more enthusiasm than before. It’s a nice feeling to have when you see your efforts being recognized. Once in a while professors would like to hear such appreciation from students just to give them a little push, and a little motivation. It’ll make them love what they do even more.

Not only do the professors get benefits from the appreciation, but students do as well. While showing your appreciation, teachers will then recognize you more often. They will get to know you a little better depending on how you show your appreciation. It’s like getting on their good side. Every time you say that “thank you for the lesson professor”, you are implanting a positive correlation when they see your name on a paper. While doing this, you are creating a stronger relationship between you and your professor and that is an advantage. It could lead to a better grade or at least a not-so-hard grader. While all the other students are just another student to your professor, you aren’t. You’re now, in the professor’s eyes that kid who appreciated his/her efforts and hard work planning the lesson.

Students should be thankful for professors because of the education they are receiving. Professors are the ones who are teaching, giving examples, and explanations to the students with the goal that they fully understand the concept. Professors are there to educate, which they do. The road to success is paved out by the professor and the students are the ones walking down that path. Professors deserve to hear appreciation from their students for all that they do. For all the hard work and effort they put into their lessons. For dedicating their time to educate. They do so much for students and it all goes unnoticed. Professors do it so that you can accomplish your dreams and aspirations. So next time you see your professor, show them a little appreciation and give them motivation. Show how grateful you are by writing them a poem, getting them a gift, shaking their hands, or even just by telling them “thank you for the lesson today professor” and it would make their day.

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