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Topics: Project management, The Child, Mother Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: October 18, 2008
Memorandum to Team Committee


TO: Project Committee Team Members
FROM:Jeannette Razzo, Project Manager
DATE:July 4, 2008
SUBJECT:Why Digifast needs a childcare center

Lately I have heard people talking about issues that they are having with working late and not having enough time or energy to spend with their children. I have also hear of talking that mothers are having a hard time being away from their children.

Having a childcare center in Digifast will help parents and managers all work together in harmony. By having the childcare center parents will be able to see their children during their break and lunch times, and know that their child will be cared for if they have to stay after hours to work. It will boost the morale here in the workplace and have parents feel comfortable with working and being parents. It will help create better work ethic from parents and managers because no one will have to worry about outside issues such as child care problems.

I think that when the child care center gets built it will take a little bit of adjustment, but overall it would be a wonderful thing for everyone that works at Digifast. For parents we will provide them with their child’s schedule of the day and times when it is best for them to visit their children. There will be nursing rooms in the child care center for nursing mothers and we will not close until the last parent has picked up their child without a later fee. We will aim to receive all the proper accreditation that a child care center can receive. I think in doing all of this parents and workers will definitely be able to create less stress for our parents here at Digifast.
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