Persuasive Letter

Topics: Minimum wage, Full-time, Money Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Persuasive Letter on attending San Joaquin Valley College
Krystina Henderson
English 121A
Mr. Stewart
October 29, 2012

Dear Andrea,
As you know, I am currently attending San Joaquin Valley College for a 7-month program as a Medical Assistant. I remember you implying that you had an interest in the medical field and thought I would give you some insight information on what type of programs are available. I know that you will be highly impressed with everything this school has to offer, and you can finally move forward with your education and career.

When I made the call to SJVC, I was directed to my advisor Marissa. She immediately set me up with an appointment and took the time to get to know me. Walking onto the campus, the staff is overly welcoming with smiles and positive attitudes. I was informed on every program, the cost, and was taken on a tour around the campus. For a Medical Assistant they offer a 7-month program that is $15,500 and a 14-month at about $30,000. Marissa helped me make my decision on receiving my certificate because I wanted to get to work as soon as possible. If you choose the 7-month program you will earn a certificate and become a CMA. In this program we learn how to do blood drawings, take vital signs, schedule appointments, perform sterilization techniques, and overall, care for the patients. We can definitely relate to the patient care because there are similarities with our job now. We have to make sure we are respectful and courteous to our clients and provide them with everything they need which will become crucial when we are in the medical field. Since we all know you love to talk on the phone, the 14-month program might be a better match for you. Not only do you receive an Associates Degree, you will be learning both the clinical and administrative. Handling all of the billing information and talking with insurance companies seems like something you would be good at. This will increase your qualifications and...
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