Persuasive Essay-Why You Should Become a Better Student

Topics: Self-esteem, Problem solving, High school Pages: 4 (1564 words) Published: April 8, 2013
I used to waste my hour-a-day chore time at home listening and singing along to poor pointless pop music before I made the transformation. Somewhere along the slipping grades, I realized I needed to change that hour into a time of productivity for my schoolwork. I soon started listening to lectures for classes of mine and my grades started improving. I began transforming into a better student, which made me wonder why I wanted to become a better student. Students should become better in their studies to achieve higher self-esteem about themselves and their education, to help themselves financially, and to challenge themselves to become critical thinkers, creative individuals, better problem solvers, and hard workers to prepare themselves for the future. Wondering and figuring out why I wanted to become a better student continued me on my path of improvement. With reasons to back me up, I felt the need to improve myself in order to become a better student.

Students often don’t feel the need to improve themselves to become better students. However, they don’t know the rewards becoming a better student. For one, they can achieve higher self-esteem. One branch of high self-esteem is within yourself; this is the form of happiness or self-satisfaction. This is something people try to reach throughout their entire life. If students learn to become better, they will reach this high self-esteem; high self-esteem is what makes you feel good. If you receive an A in something you hard hard for, you feel good about yourself. This feeling of accomplishment is what gives us the high-self esteem and a higher motivation to become a better student.

Another branch of self-esteem is self-esteem regarding your grades. In a personal experience, if I have more high grades, I feel more confident. I knew if I kept working hard in personal, difficult subjects like trigonometry, chemistry, and english, I’d eventually receive better grades and be proud of them. Staying focused and...
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