Persuasive Essay- Power Shifts in Latin America

Topics: Europe, Caribbean, White-tailed deer Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: May 5, 2013
My team of explorers and I request that your majesties fund an exploration of the New World. We request that you direct three quarters or more of our funding towards exploration of the New World because it is economically, religiously, and geographically beneficial to both the Catholic church and the state of Spain.

The New World has plenty of commercial benefits to us. They are already benefitting us through their reliance on us for goods, as the French occupation diminished the beaver and deer population. They can give us plenty of great crops including maize, beans, potatoes, manioc, and tobacco. What we can do as a union is send over our domesticated livestock (i.e. cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, etc.) to jumpstart the economy, as their current economy relies heavily on commerce. Silver and sugar are major factors in the economy, so we can go and try to take over as many plantations and mines as we can. We can start a governance system called the Council of Indies which is run by viceroys that can facilitate trade and the collection of taxes, thus bringing our union more power. This combination will bring us plenty of profit from the exploration and maybe, eventually, occupation.

The spread of Catholicism in the New World will be rather simple, as everything is working towards our benefit. Their population is dying away through viruses such as the influenza, smallpox, malaria, and many others. This makes them much easier to convert. The less Amerindians there are, the harder it is for them to retain their original culture. Together, as Spanish people, we can spread our language and culture and enlighten them. We can do this by funding universities and schools that teach our ways. This will be a fairly easy growth of Catholicism.

The New World is a highly wanted region of land, so we must go conquer now-- before it’s too late. England already established a colony name Jamestown where tobacco ran most of the economy. France is developing the fur...
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