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    MIDDLE SCHOOL DEBATE – IDEAS FOR PERSUASIVE ESSAY TOPICS This is an excellent help for students when beginning to write persuasive essays on different topics, some of which may be rather controversial.  Click first on Topics link to find a topic list, then click on Topic Research Guide to find links for research on all the different topics.    There is a section for teachers called Curriculum Center in the Resources section that includes unit/lesson plans and downloadable planning worksheets.   MULTNOMAH COUNTY LIBRARY This is a portal in which a list of topics is given as a link and clicking on that link will take you to additional sources.

WORKSHEET PLACE - PERSUASIVE WRITING DOCUMENTS/WORKSHEETS These are a pdf documents/worksheets that will help you organize your thoughts and facts to write a fantastic persuasive essay.   PERSUASIVE WRITING STEP-BY-STEP This is a quick handout of how to organize a persuasive essay step by step.

 PERSUASIVE WRITING TOPICS – KENT SCHOOL DISTRICT, WASHINGTON This website is another portal which gives more links to websites about persuasive writing.   THE POWER OF PERSUASIVE WRITING Contains a webquest on persuasive writing and is written to correlate to Tennessee Curriculum Framework.   PROCON.ORG A list of major topics that given the pro and con arguments of the topic.  There is a link called notices which provides additional up-to-date information of topics that have been in the news during the last 30 days.  For teachers, there is a link...
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