Persuasive Essay On Immigration In America

Immigration is what makes our country so diverse and full of culture. The recent ban on immigrants entering the United States by the Trump administration has led a vast majority of people to speak out against this initiative. Trump has made it seem as if immigrant are the problem of this country. On the contrary, immigrants not only are benefiting themselves in search of a better life, but studies have proven that they “produce benefits and cost not only for the migrants and their native sponsors but also for the larger society and economy.” A countering argument people have is that they are replacing the natives and essentially stealing their job opportunities. Yet again, studies have shown that immigrants actually “complement natives, raising …show more content…
Well-educated scientist and doctors who came to the U.S. to continue their studies and perform research were denied access back in the states. This is a major con of the ban. Instead of encouraging the growth of education that others could bring into the country, the ban suppresses that ingenuity. The U.S. has always been known as the meting pot, and people from all sorts of background have made their mark in history here. Although, this ban not only stops immigrants from coming into the states, but it also makes people who have immigrated here in the past feel less …show more content…
There are many points to say that immigrants are overpopulating, taking jobs, or overall ruining the country. But, throughout the book studies have time and time again proven immigrants have been a source of economic growth. Suppressing the knowledge and culture of immigrants to come into the country will only leave the U.S. lagging behind. In recent news, Immigrants have been painted as the reason for any problems the U.S. faces. Natives watching this news seem to agree, but when we look at the overall picture of how immigrants have been a great benefit to our society maybe less people would be for the ban administered by

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