Persuasive Essay on Breast Implants

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Breast Implants
Breast implants seem to be a quick easy fix for someone who may think that they are not meeting up to the ideal body image of today. With all of the different things influencing women, especially the media, how would they ever be able to view their body as sufficient or even adequate without any alteration? Would it be possible for breast implants to really solve the issue of having a negative body image? After a woman gets breast implants, where would the unnatural enhancing stop? Women become obsessed with dissatisfaction of their bodies and want to continue with altering their entire figure.

With growing numbers of women getting breast implants, more women start to believe that this is the way to receive that ideal body. Research done by Kristen Harrison suggests that, for women, exposure to ideal-body images guides women to making the decision to receive surgical body-alterations such as breast augmentations. With this being done, they will then have the perfect and accepted body (Harrison 257). Do breast implants in women today improve or damage a woman’s body image?

Some may wonder that if a woman were to get breast implants, would her view of her body be more positive? There are so many influences that are saying yes to this question that many people may have. Body image is a huge problem in today’s society. It is not that there are too many women out there thinking that they have the most “rockin’ bod”, the problem is that so many women have a negative body image. They see themselves as being inadequate and in some more extreme cases, undesirable because they do not feel that they fit into that ideal body image category. So, my question is, if you could do something to improve your body image, would you do it?

Breast implants can boost a woman’s self confidence tremendously. In the study conducted by Cash et al., “Women’s Psychological Outcomes of Breast Augmentation With Silicone Filled Implants: a two year prospective study”, showed that ninety percent of the women studied were satisfied with the surgery and how their personal body image changed for the positive (Cash 2119). 360 women were examined in this study and clearly the outcome of their augmentations reached their desired goal: a self confidence boost.

Getting breast implants may be looked at as succumbing to worldly ways, but this is not always the case. Some women are extremely insecure in their own skin if they are small-chested. Some women do not feel comfortable enough to get into a bathing suit in front of people, some do not feel comfortable wearing form fitting clothing because it shows that they are small-chested, and some just do not feel comfortable going out because, for the majority of the time, they focus on how uncomfortable they feel about themselves. How terrible to feel this way about yourself and to have basically no self confidence. Women that feel this way obviously have a poor personal body image. Julia from San Diego used to be one of these women until she had breast implants. Julia said in her most recent blog post “I love them, my husband loves them, and they are healed perfectly.  They feel incredibly natural, and I look great in whatever I wear” (Julia). This is what we want in women today. We want women to feel good about themselves and we want them to be happy about how they feel and who they are. We want them to feel confident in all that they do.

Another study was done to see how breast implants might change a person’s body image, as well as what other things this new body image might affect in other aspects of their life. The study of course showed that breast augmentations improved almost every woman’s confidence levels. Because these women were so satisfied with their breasts, they were excited to work on the rest of their body (in regards to working out consistently to get the body that would fit their perfect breasts). They were also motivated to have a healthier diet...

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