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Not Passing a Hotel Tax Could be Detrimental to the City of San Diego

San Diego Comic Con is a pop culture and comic book event that has been happening in San Diego since 1970. The convention began small but has grown to host over 130,000 attendees each year. Currently, the convention is being held at the downtown convention center, but due to the overwhelming demand for tickets, space needed to host panels, and booths for exhibitors, the convention center will either need to expand or Comic Con will have to move to another city. A city that can accommodate the large number of fans and attendees. The City of San Diego has proposed a tax on hotel rooms to help fund the cost of expanding he convention center, so that the city could keep Comic-Con in San Diego, which brings in a tremendous amount of money for the city. Recently, the city vetoed the tax, which could prove a detriment to the city.

In the year 2014, Comic Con brought an estimated 163 million dollars to the City. Between restaurants, transportation, and most importantly, hotels, geeks come from around the world to visit the largest comic and pop-culture convention in history, and are happy to spend their hard-earned money to get, and stay here. Since so many of those that attend come from out of town, the hotels make a huge profit during the five-day event. In fact, hotels are so overrun with guests during the event; there is now a lottery to get a chance at a hotel room. A few months before the event, nerds from across the country eagerly hover over their keyboards waiting for a chance to get a hotel room at a massively inflated cost, battling thousands of others, just so that they can ensure a place to stay during the Con to end all Cons. Hotels, up to 30 miles away, routinely block off the event weekend so that they can cash in on event goers during this in-demand weekend. And since they make such a profit from the event, why would they want it to end up in another city, simply because

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