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Chris Kizer
Mr. Conway
25 March 2014
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The Gloves Are Off
A common argument that many people in many professions are asking if using gloves are truly necessary when working. Anything from cleaning ladies using latex gloves when they are cleaning, to chefs using gloves when they are cooking a dish. Some choose to wear them while some argue that they aren’t necessary. They truly aren’t necessary in most cases and occupations. However the answer you receive when you ask anyone depends on the region that you live in.

The health code depends on what state you are in and what they believe in. 38 of the 50 states have mandated that gloves be mandatory when handling food. The law is very vague and states that it’s required when handling food of any nature. “Although single-use gloves can provide additional food protection, they are only effective if placed on properly washed hands and changed at appropriate times during the food operation. The Minnesota Food Code requires that employees limit direct hand contact with food.”

Imagine you go to a restaurant and you see a chef get back from a smoke break and you see him start to cook after putting on some gloves, you want to just run to him and scream at him. A study that was done by Food Safety News shows that wearing gloves actually isn’t beneficial at all. That it actually could be worse than not wearing any gloves at all. The heat that your body gives off combined with the moisture left on your hands after washing them makes the perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow and prosper. Many people that wear gloves get a sense of security when wearing gloves. People start to think that they are invincible, that they can do anything wrong. Too many times you go to a restaurant and see a chef grab a sanitized towel then go straight to cooking. The security that gloves give you leads to higher risk of cross contamination and danger of getting people sick.

In a 2007 study by the journal of food safety hand...

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