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Topics: English-language films, Tokyo Incidents, Sport Pages: 1 (617 words) Published: November 11, 2014
There have been many discussions as to whether or not sports build good character. Some experts say that they build good characterstics, others say they are neither good nor bad, and finally, some people say that those beliefs that good things come from competitive sports, have been corrupted due to the high pay of today's athletes, and that the rewards given for perseverance in a sport, show more in pay than they do in character. I for one believe, that in the hands of the right people, sports can be a positive experience, that can teach the right individual many different values and responsiblilites.

Like any activity that brings people together with others, team sports especially help develop character. Because you are participating with other people from different ethnic groups and different religion, and you are learning how to work together with people that are different from you. Therefore, you are more inclined to think about working together, and less inclined to be selfish. You also gain respect for these types of people based on what values they could bring to the table, or just based on what character they have already. It provides one of the best oppurtunities for children to learn about different sets of rules and social values. It teaches you to get along with others and to be accepted as part of the team I should say. It helps promote values such as fairness, tolerance, responsibility, and acceptance.

While I believe that sports is good for children, the values that come from these activities can sometimes differ when you become an adolescent, and even more so when you become an adult. If you don't learn these values when you're younger, and do not have time to build on them, then you will become what everybody calls a "poor sport." Sometimes the child can let competition or performing towards expectations cloud the overall objective behind sports. So it also depends on the leading adult figure on the team and whether or not that...
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