Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Paper
January 13, 2011
Danielle Chavez

Persuasive Paper
One major concern throughout the United States, is teenage pregnancy. Let’s face it, there is nothing we can do to eliminate this huge problem amongst us. However, there are many ways we can reduce the statistics of teenage pregnancy. One great solution we, as a country, can promote, is to allow condoms to be issued within high schools. Although there are many concerns and questions to allow this act, there are many beneficial facts that support condoms issued in high schools to be effective, to reduce the number of pregnancies. Questions will arise from every aspect, such as, contraceptive expenses, to state laws about high schools offering condoms. It all begins with demographics, and will lead to proven facts of proper sex education courses to reduce this outburst of teen pregnancies. Contraceptive Availability Expenses

Available contraceptive programs intend to reduce the problems for those that would otherwise prevent sexually active teens from using condoms to reduce their risks for HIV/STD infection or unintended pregnancy. Condom availability programs operate usually in health clinics but why not make them more assessable in schools or places where teenagers congregate. Condoms should be available at no expense to teenagers, and have an increase access to condoms in ways to reduce humiliation or discomfort by acknowledging teenagers are sexually active. Economic Evaluation of Safer Choices: A School-Based Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Pregnancy Prevention Program. (2000). To evaluate the cost-effective and cost benefit of giving condoms to high school students; under base-case assumptions, at an intervention cost of $105,243, Safer Choices achieved a 15% increase in condom use and an 11% increase in contraceptive use within 1 year among 345 sexually active students. An estimated 0.12 cases of human immunodeficiency virus, 24.37 cases of chlamydia, 2.77 cases of gonorrhea, 5.86 cases of pelvic inflammatory disease, and 18.5 pregnancies were prevented. For every dollar invested in the program, $2.65 in total medical and social costs was saved. Results of most of the scenarios remained cost saving under a wide range of model variable estimates. From an ethical prospective some parents believe that they are the one’s that should have the sex talk with their kids, but it is not about the sex talk in question offering condoms in high schools can actually protect our kids. There is a moral obligation to protect and teach our adolescents-this is more valuable than being ignorant at the fact humans have sex. In many states, there are surveys, and budget costs to see how effective contraceptive availability would help in the long run for our up and coming generation. A con to having contraceptive availability in schools is also a legal issue. A student could sue the school holding personnel liable for providing broken condoms that could lead to STD’s/HIV or unwanted pregnancy.

Teenage Pregnancy
The availability of condoms can help reduce teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Some of the risks that come along with having unprotected sex are pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. According to Singh, Darroch, (2010), the U.S. teen pregnancy, birth, sexually transmitted disease (STD), and abortion rates are substantially higher than those of other western industrialized nations. Sexually active teens face many risks; therefore, what is taught in schools is valuable information about the risks taken every time they have unprotected sex. This will allow the sexually active teenager to have an understanding of all the consequences of unprotected sex. According to Hamilton, Martin & Ventura (2011), a total of 329,797 babies were born to women aged 15–19 years, for a live birth rate of 31.3 per 1,000 women in this age group. According to Sexually...
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