Persuasive Essay

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: January 5, 2014
Persuasive Essay

It seems like in this generation, that students in schools aren't doing as well as the previous generations. Students seemed to be fiddling with more of technology, sports and other subjects that does not relate to academics. Where in the past generations, kids received better grades and had greater work because of the ‘easy’ educational system. Although now that more and more work is given to the students by the teachers, some of the results are not satisfactory enough. Though this may be the case, I do not believe that the superintendent should eliminate the nonacademic classes. To begin with, some nonacademic subjects supply the students with basic needs. If those basic needs are taken away, then the students will only learn the academics, which will take a chunk out of their knowledge. Just like how a human is just taught all the important tasks and none of fun activities, it wouldn't be healthy just to practice all the reading and writing. What about art and music? Academics are quite important, but some do not take the nonacademic subjects more seriously when everyone should be able to have at least the basic skills of cooking, art, health, etc. Just sitting around reading, writing, does not fulfill the needs of one’s needs. Also, it isn't very healthy, since physical education is taken out as part in the ‘nonacademic’. If physical education is taken out, then likely health would be. It is not safe to not teach the students the main idea of the human body, anything including health. Some students might want to take another route to their future job, or business. They might not just want to do the academics, but also the nonacademic subjects. Schools should be responsible into teaching their pupils into well-rounded people. Success in life should be the ultimate goal of a student, which requires more than academic knowledge, but also practical life skills such as cooking, good communication skills and teamwork spirit. Teamwork spirit...
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