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Topics: Dress code, High school, Education Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Pro School Uniforms
Did you know that there are forty one countries that have some schools that have school uniforms? Hong Kong, Jamaica, South Africa, Scotland, and etc. are some of the countries. A school uniform is an outfit made by the school for the students who attend the school. School uniforms are common in primary and secondary schools in countries from all over the world that follow a certain dress code made by the school. A bunch of school uniforms have a logo of the school on them. School uniforms consist of either trousers or shirts, most often with a tie for boys and a dress, blouse or skirts for girls. Many people argue if a school should or shouldn’t have a school uniform but, I certainly believe that schools should have their own unique uniform. Most often, students wear clothes that are brand names to impress their friends and classmates. Some of these students’ families cannot afford these brand name clothes, which leads to bullying in schools. Students might hassle their parents to buy them the latest trends so they won’t be harassed and parents would have to buy them the clothes under the pressure. According to Fox news, after a district in California took on the idea of school uniforms, school violence has lowered seventy six percent. “You’ll have the popular students and the nerds wearing the same clothes,” says Daisy Kong, who graduated from a biased school that required uniforms, meaning that all students would be treated equal, and students wouldn’t be bullied if they can’t afford brand name clothes. Students are able to focus more on learning than on what their friends are wearing, if there were uniforms. While the students are in class, they would look at their classmates’ clothes instead of paying attention to the teacher. It is a well-known statement that students who wear uniforms perform better academically. “Research seems to show that in schools which have required uniforms, the students' attendance and achievement has...
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