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Topics: World Food Programme, United States, Person Pages: 1 (447 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Notably, humans have forsaken a long, arduous progress in terms of society. Many of whom are selfish enough to not see the great benefits that could be provided in the long haul. But, fortunately, there are some of us that “stick around” and are willing to sacrifice for the wellbeing of others. The success of the community is ultimately in the hands of each of the individuals. The person needs to make personal sacrifices for it to be a fruitful one. For instance, the players on a basketball team must cooperate with each other to become a competitive, winning team. Without each player’s sacrifices, dedication, time, and effort, the team can never can become the “overachievers” and go further than where they are now. Each individual must show up to games and practices with full acknowledgement that they need to put their heart and soul into that game and their team. Some might say “I don’t need to help and contribute to others. They never helped me in any way. The society seems to not care about the people in it”, but that is not true. Numerous individuals volunteer their time and effort into making the community a better place. Individuals just like us are half way around the world providing food and supplies to ones in need. These volunteers are part of organizations such as UNICEF and WFP (World Food Programme). But it doesn’t have to be in a different country, you can help the community by participating in events such as can food drives or volunteer for a meals on wheels organizations that provide food for the needy. In our world today, we can see how the sacrifice of individuals play a role in making a prosper nation. As a matter of fact, the fellow men and women in the military demonstrate the idea that sacrifice is the way to keep the United States of America safe from terrorism. With the acknowledgement that death is right by their side, these soldiers sacrifice their personal interest such as being at home, living knowing they’re not going to die yet, and...
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