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Topics: Trousers, High school Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: October 9, 2008
It is enough to have a dress code at school, but there shouldn’t be one at home too. I always hear, “Focus more on your grades than on how you look.”“You know what people think of you? They think you’re a slut!” and“Stop trying to be “punker” those people do drugs and will not have a good future.” Just because I feel comfortable dressed a certain way that may be relevant to some of the others, doesn’t mean I’m trying to be those certain other. Therefore, I wish to dress however I want to without having hours of lectures thrown at me.

Everyone has their own unique style because they dress how they want to dress. If everyone’s way of dressing is limited by the traditional minds of most of our parents, then there wouldn’t be such things as style or trend. If everyone is stuck wearing the old traditional styles that are appropriate, no one would be unique, clothing wise. I understand that as time change and some of the styles might be a little inappropriate. Like short skirts and tops that reveals too much. People often assume that people dress like that are sluts. Another one is skin tight pants, bondage belts, and chains. People automatically think people that are quipped with such accessories are “punker” or “punks”. Everyone has their own styles and parents or anyone else shouldn’t limit that. I also understand that our parents are only trying to protect us from some of the more dangerous adults, but they should trust us to tell good from bad.

I always hear parents say, “image is important.”, and “what people see you as is a reflection of us.” It is true that those might apply to almost everyone, but didn’t you teach us not to judge people by how they look and what they wear? Such as, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Parents always teach us that, but when it comes to their own children, image is everything. I understand that the children of a pair of parents are reflection of the parents themselves. My parents think that the way I dress will show people...
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