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Topics: Eating, Restaurant, Nutrition Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Jesus Hernandez
2nd period
Dear mayor: I am writing this letter I hope not to bother. My name is Jesus Hernandez a teenager at Richmond high school. The reason for this letter is because I want to give you the idea of building a healthy restaurant in the city of Richmond. The idea of this restaurant it happened when I read an article about the obesity percentage increased the recent years in California. In Richmond theirs not to many healthy places to eat so the obesity percentage have increased a 20% the last five years. People in the community would like to have better restaurants. The restaurant should be in a comfortable place and in good area so that customers are comfortable. It also needs to contain a beautiful sea view so people could control stress of the city and relax when they are there. Other things that it will need it is to rented in the weekens for events like birthdays, wedding and any type of social event. To save money to continue doing more restaurants in more areas.

they also should build the restaurant because most of the old peole are looking for a job and the restaurants is going to have the program of giving jobs to old people to help the old people in the community it also needs to contain a big garden in the back of the restaurant to save money and to get frech fruts and vegetables.

I kow it will take some time and it will cost a lot of money to build it but, the restaurant is going to bring more money to the community and it will reduce obesity and people will stop died for that cause.

In concletion,do you like to eat unheathy food whit your famaly? Do you think people are not tire of eating in those restaurants like mcdanals,burger king,jack in the box taco bell and all this tipes of restaurants thats way I say that you should build a healthy reataurant.
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