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Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Combat Pages: 4 (1569 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Brandon lies there on the hallway floor, gasping for breath as he gets another kick to the rib. He puts one hand up to block a strike to the face but he is too slow. He attempts to push the other student away but that just makes everything worse.  Brandon receives one more punch to the face before he is laying there, half dead. He lies on the hospital bed, all hooked up to breathing machines, reading a letter from the school stating he is getting suspended for 3 days because he went against the zero tolerance policy and fought back against the other student.

There are things in life that are unfair and there is always a terrible punishment for every mistake made. Brandon fought back in self defense and he gets back in return - two broken ribs, a broken nose, four missing teeth, a cracked skull, plus a concussion. Getting a suspension for three days, when he was just trying to save himself from anymore pain is unreasonable especially because he will be in the hospital for the time he is serving. On the other hand, the other student gets ten days of suspension and lives his life with no breathing tubes, not a cut, bruise or injury. The zero tolerance policy for fighting in or on school property is not safe and should not be allowed.

Many students in our own school who get into multiple fights a year. Kids seem to think that getting into a fight is just a mark on their permanent record, but it is much more then that. By the time that college comes along, they will not look for someone who made mindless decisions in school. Out of 440 students, 23% say that they have been involved in more then one fight in one school year. When a student starts a fight, it doesn’t just affect their own life but affects everyone else’s involved. If a child starts a fight, they are already considered punished with however many days the zero tolerance policy states they receive. If a kid is just protecting themselves and fighting back in self defense, the student who...
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