Persuasive Essay

Topics: Illegal immigration, Immigration to the United States, Immigration Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: May 17, 2007
January, 16 2007
Persuasive Essay
Do you want to get replaced by wetbacks which well get paid close to nothing? Well then go to school. Immigration is mostly related to Mexicans, and I know that a good number of Mexicans in the US are illegal. What is the US going to do? Many people like o say that Mexican immigrants steal our jobs and take away from the government, but the fact is that Mexicans take to job that we do not want.

A solution for immigration is to simply legalize immigrants and tax them. The most amount of money the US will receive by taxes will have to be by property tax. If an immigrant wants to be here, then they need to live here. Once that is done, the US can charge them through property tax. If in immigrant comes over here, them they are going to have some money to spend. Once they spend that money sells tax comes into affect. Even if the immigrant buys the most common things, such as food or clothes, the government gets money. The US can also get money through direct deposit, and no longer will immigrants be "stealing" money.

B legalizing immigrants, it will become much easier for foreigners to find a job. Immigrants can become an employee at places such as Wal*Mart and Food Town. It will be much easier to find a job, without the fear of deportation. I believe that immigrants will be very satisfied. With the simple jobs in the US gone, this can benefit the young adults. With immigrants taking the jobs, the students will not be bothered with the opportunity of getting a job, that will take hours of there time a day. This will keep students focus on there studies, for they go to collage and get a real job. Something has to be done, because the INS is not giving the best option.

The INS most likely has a percentage of people that are discriminate. They will treat any Hispanic like an immigrant. This is where racial profiling comes into affect. They will immediately call anyone an immigrant. If the INS does find an illegal immigrant, the...
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