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Topics: Distraction, Technology, Learning Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Technology’s Negative Impact On Students
Technologies is very crucial and essential in the modern day and it keeps on evolving as years go by. Teenagers today know more than anyone about the latest gadgets and technologies. Technologies have also changed from a “want” factor to a “need” factor for them but these sophisticated gadgets have a higher tendency for being distracting rather than being useful but it all depends on the individual. Most schools does not allow students to bring technologies into the classroom and i second that notion. In this essay, I will tell you the reasons why. One of the reasons why students should not be allowed to bring technologies into the classroom is because these technologies would only distract the students from studying. The classroom is the place where students should put their full concentration on the teacher and learn new things that will benefit them in the future. Having technologies in the classroom will prevent them from gaining these beneficial and significant information. So, instead of focusing in class, the students are secretly playing games, opening social sites and replying chats, text messages and e-mails with their gadgets. Modern day technology have a high level of radiation causing the students to have dry eyes, tension headaches, eye strain and a poor eyesight. Even without technologies inside the classroom, students have spent numerous amount of time on technologies. For example, the majority of the students these days never go anywhere without their mobile phones. Can you imagine if technologies were to be allowed inside the classroom ? Their poor eyesight will turn worse and they are still at very young age! The third reason is technologies give students a higher chance of successful cheating during examinations, tests and quizzes. Even without technologies, students still find ways to cheat even though sometimes it is difficult to do so. Example of ways to cheat without technologies are hand signals,...
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