Persuasive Essay

Topics: Drug addiction, Drug, Happiness Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: February 27, 2007
Persuasive Essay

Barbra Hudson is one to the wealthiest women, but even though she had a lot of money, she did not have a happy life. Instead, she divorced two husbands and is a lonely woman.

If you have a lot of money it doesn't matter because people with lot money don't have happy lives, they end up as drug addicts that go to jail and sometimes end up broke. That's why money doesn't but happiness.

The reason money doesn't buy happiness is because celebrities or rich people end up as worthless, horrible things such as drugactics, they start losing their money, and sometimes they even go to jail. This is not surprising because a lot of Celebes. Are always doing drugs or on medication.

The second reason why money can't buy happiness is because you cannot buy love one's with it or buy friends. Try going up to someone and saying I'll pay you if you be my mom or saying be my friend, ill pay you extra what do you say. The first thing that would probly say is par ten me, no way, get a life. You definitely wouldn't get any friends or family that way. Well you don't need to buy family because you were born with a family but you can't make them like you.

The last reason is that celebrities are always getting bugged. The popperazties always bugg them just because they are famous and they don't like to be bugged but they have a lot of money but they are not always happy because of this and the other reasons that I talked about.

If you just read though the article fast then this is mostly what I said. Money can't buy happiness because you can't buy love friends or family. In addition, you live as a miserable life most of the time.
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