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Theorizing About Persuasion: Heurism and Utility

The first concept that I would like to discuss is, Peter Elbow’s Radical Idea. A Radical Idea is a novel idea, anything that goes against what we normally think. Also known as “going against the grain”. Whenever we are exposed to a radical idea we play one of two games. The first game is Doubting. Doubting is when you hear a radical idea and the first thing you want to do is smother it, get rid of it, or say no, not a good idea. The second game is Believing. During the Believing game a person hears an idea and you like it, and want to go along with it. You may believe the idea is crazy, but you are willing to go along with it, open minded. Both games are not good or bad but be aware when you are playing these games. If the topic is something your involved in and you feel strongly about it you tend to play the doubting game. The second concept is Pavlov’s Unconditional Stimulus and Unconditional Response. The Unconditional Stimulus is something you learn to do. The Unconditional Response is when you automatically do something. An example of an unconditional response is no elbows on the table and an unconditional stimulus is your knee jerking when the doctor checks your reflexes. The final concept is Persuasion as an adaptive process. This concept is defined when a person decides how they are going to respond. This is considered a concept that makes a person not bite into the bullet of the hypodermic approach. An example of this concept is when a person goes to stand in line at Best Buy and before the cashier finishes the transaction he or she tries to sell you insurance. You take the time out to listen to what they have to say and then you buy the product. Now when looking at Peter Elbows Radical Idea and applying it to persuasion this concept does make you believe and feel that persuasion has a huge impact on what you are going to believe and not believe. The Radical Idea Concept uses...
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