Persuasion is Powerful

Topics: Attitude change, Persuasion, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 4 (1282 words) Published: March 25, 2014
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Persuasion Is Powerful
Tameka James
Jennifer Weniger

While many people have no joy in selling, everyone has found himself or herself having to persuade someone at one point in their life. Being a powerful persuader is not just the job of a salesperson but it’s a national process. You may try to persuade your child to study by informing them of the consequences of not studying. You may try to persuade your spouse to take classes for their alcohol abuse. Persuasion is natural for some and a process for others, but in doing so there are certain attributes, characteristics, and steps needed to be good at persuading. When I worked in the sales field for WOW cable one thing that I was taught was that out of six no’s there will be at least one yes. This motivated me to push harder and to keep knocking until I got to door number seven if I did not have a sale yet. There were times when I would go home with only two to three sales a day and I would sit down and analyze my day. I would ask myself what I could have done or said better or maybe I should have worn a different shirt. Being able to persuade someone takes more than just words. The whole look and demeanor are required to be successful in getting someone to step outside of their norm and enter a new one. The attractiveness of the communicator is a factor in the persuasiveness of the message. In general, more physically attractive communicators are more persuasive and less attractive communicators are less persuasive (Chaiken, 1979; Debevec, Madden, & Kernan, 1986; DeBono & Telesca, 1990). People will more likely buy from someone that they feel are welcoming, beautiful to their eyes or likeable. If someone that may look like they did not brush their hair or were monotone in their delivery, chances are that person would not even be able to present the script before the buyer shut them down. When people see...

References: Feenstra, J. (2011). Introduction to social psychology. Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
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