Persuasion Essay

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Annika Shankweiler
S+ English (Albert)
Persuasive Argument

Younger Driving Age?

The age requirement for driving should remain at sixteen years and older. Is everyone really ready to have teens under the age of sixteen receiving their full drivers license? First of all, it is too dangerous. Second of all, most teenagers under the age of sixteen are not physically and mentally ready. Finally, it costs too much money.

There are already too many accidents on the road and if teens under the age of sixteen drive, there will be more chances for accidents. It increases their opportunities to go to parties that may involve drugs. Not only do they increase danger for themselves, but also for other drivers and passengers.

Most teenagers do not even feel the energy to wash their faces in the morning, let alone drive a car. The younger the age; the lower the level of brain power. Plus, their decision making skills are weaker.

Cars and other property repairs cost too much money. Gas also costs a lot of money and teens do not have jobs until they are sixteen anyway. Medical expenses would be too high for their family and others involved.

States have different age limits in order to receive full licenses. For example; in District of Columbia, you need to be twenty-one in order to get your full license. The youngest age you can be to get your learners permit is fourteen, and that is only in some states. Sixteen year-olds have higher crash rates than any other driving age. It’s safer to get your license at a younger age, and it makes your sweet sixteen more to look forward to.

Teenagers under the age of sixteen should not be able to drive. Just imagine all of the disasters that could happen if they were allowed to drive at that age.




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