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Perspectives on Crime

By Antonishadixon1 Apr 05, 2013 364 Words
My personal perspective on crime is that a crime can be committed by anyone. Crime doesn’t look like it will ever end until people try to stop it but by the time people try to stop he crime on the streets some other innocent person will be gone and the person or persons that committed that crime are still out there walking the streets while the same things continue and no one speaks on them because not one person really cares enough to tell anyone about it happening. The crime control perspective emphasizes control of dangerous offenders and the protection of society through punishment as a deterrent to crime. People who believe that the proper role of justice system is to prevent crime through the judicious use of criminal sanctions. Crime rates trend upward, the argument goes, when criminals do not sufficiently fear apprehension and punishment. The three strikes laws increases the prison sentences or convicted of persons convicted felonies who have been previously convicted of a violent crime or serious felony, and limits the ability of these offenders to receive a punishment other than a prison sentence. Crime control may be expensive, but reducing the pain inflicted by criminal activity is well worth the price. If punishment were swift, certain, and severe, few would be tempted to break the law. Crime control advocates do not want legal technicalities to help the guilty go free and tie the hands of justice. They are angry at judges who let obviously guilty people go free because a law enforcement officer made an unintentional procedural error. The public is out raged by violent crimes it demands an efficient justice system that hands out tough sanctions to those who choose to violate the law. The key positions of the crime control perspective are: the purpose of the justice is to deter crime through the application of the. The more efficient the system, the greater is effectiveness. The justice system is not equipped to treat people but rather to investigate crime,

Antonisha Dixon
Response assignment #1
Bryant and Stratton College
Mr. Kevin Ryan
March 19, 2013

apprehend suspects, and punish the guilty.

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