Perspective and Assumptions

Topics: Narrative, Family, Character Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Assumptions can present at obstacles because they cause us to think stereotypically, which in turn can prevent personal growth, change and development. These notions are explored in both the film looking for Alabrandi and Saving Francesca. Assumptions are pre conceived ideas or ill- informed opinions. In the opening scenes of looking for Alabrandi, the protagonist makes many assumptions about herself and her family in particular. Josie perceives her family as out dated and oppressive and assumes herself as someone who can control her own destiny, and those of the people around her. This perspective is illuminated in the opening scenes as Woods establishes voice over to illustrate the protagonists disconnection with both her family and ethnic background when she narrates “this might be where I come from but do I really belong here?” This elucidates Josie’s disconnection to her culture and her feelings of detachment and foreignness in her surroundings. This is also complimented by the sepia tone through opening montage of the protagonists families ‘tomato day’ celebrations which unveil a communal vibe in which Josie feels so outlandish to. Likewise as seen in Marchettas novel saving Francesca, the young narrative voice over of the novel longs for that feeling of belonging to her new school and comfort in her home environment. Similar to Alabrandi the protagonist makes early assumptions and has a rather negative outlook on her forthcoming days at Sebastian high school. She assumes a pessimistic outlook on the people and teachers around her which ultimately leaves lonely and isolated.

Furthermore there are many complications and barriers which stand in the way of both protagonists developing and altering their perspectives. Relationships are a key commonality in both texts which hinder and complicate their attempted new perspectives. Josie’s relationship and meeting with her father Michael Andretti are critical experiences which act as catalysts for change...
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