Personnel of Establishment (Hrm)

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3.1 Personnel of the Establishment


Report to: Owner

Department: Administration

Duties& responsibilities

1. Estimate food consumption, place orders with suppliers, and schedule delivery of fresh food and beverages. 2. Resolve customer complaints about food quality or service. 3. Direct cleaning of kitchen and dining areas to maintain sanitation standards, and keep appropriate records. 4. Monitor actions of staff and customers to ensure that health and safety standards and liquor regulations are obeyed. 5. Maintain budget and employee records, prepare payroll, and pay bills, or monitor bookkeeping records. 6. May use computer software to monitor inventory, track staff schedules and pay, and perform other record keeping tasks. 7. Recruit, hire, and oversee training for staff.

8. Schedule work hours for servers and kitchen staff.
9. Monitor food preparation and methods.


Report to: Manager/Supervisor

Department: Food and beverage

Duties & responsibilities

1. Greeting Customers
2. Offering and serving Beverages & Appetizer
3. Taking and serving meals orders
4. Continued service
5. Delivering the check and accepting payments
6. Provide proper dining service etiquette when serving meals 7. Preparing the dining room for meal service: set tables, set up service areas, refill condiments; be sure dining room and all service pieces are clean. 8. Clear tables, wipe tables and chairs or replace linens and wipe condiment containers. Qualifications:

1. Dining room service experience preferably in a hotel or resort 2. Possess a pleasant and outgoing personality.
3. Detail oriented
4. Ability to work morning, nights, weekends, and holidays. 5. Must have the ability to read, write and communicate in English. 6. Ability to grasp, lift, carry or otherwise move materials weighing up to 70 pounds

Restaurant Supervisor

Report to: Manager

Department: Administration

Duties & responsibilities

1. Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies/service procedures/standards. 2. Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment. Use equipment only as intended. 3. Anticipate guests' needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests, however busy and whatever time of day. 4. .Maintain positive guest relations at all times

5. Resolve guest complaints, ensuring guest satisfaction
6. Check storage areas for proper supplies, organization and cleanliness. Complete requisition for additional supplies needed and submit to Manager. Instruct designated personnel to rectify any cleanliness/organization deficiencies. 7. Meet with the Chef to review daily specials and 86'd items; update board throughout shift. 8. Complete all paperwork and closing duties in accordance with departmental standards. 9. Review status of assignments and any follow-up action with Manager and/or on-coming Supervisor Qualification:

1. Minimum 21 years of age to serve alcoholic beverages
2. 2 years experience as Room Service Server
3. Knowledge of various food service styles (i.e.,
French service, Russian service, Family Style service, Butler Style service).
4. Must have good understanding of the English language

Report to: Executive Chef

Department: F&B Department

Duties & responsibilities

1. Prepares and cooks meats, fish, vegetables, gravies, cereals, soups, fruits, bakery products and other forms of food. 2. Prepares and cooks food for special diets from recipes formulated by qualified personnel. 3. Assists in on-the-job training and assist in directing the work of food service workers, students and other employees within area of assignment 4. Assists in the preparation of salads and desserts

5. Notifies supervisor of food and supplies needed. Checks in food and supplies as necessary. Maintains food...
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