Personnel Management vs. Hrm

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Personnel Management (PM) and Human Resources Management (HRM) is not new to most of the organization today. In fact, PM and HRM commonly confused by most of us. People like Armstrong, M even stated that HRM is similar with PM, just a change in the name or it is perceived as ‘old wine in a new bottle’. Let’s explore what are the similarities and differences between PM and HRM, in order to find out whether the statement quoted by Armstrong is true or agreeable. Besides, we are going to look into company case study on the application of HRM

In essence, HRM is about managing people. It includes all management decisions and actions that affect the relationship between the organization and the employees (Beer et al., 1984). From Boxell and Purcell (2003: 2-5) sees human RM as covering all workforce group, involving line and specialist managers, incorporating a variety of management styles, involving managing work and people both collectively and individually, and embedded in industries and societies. On the other hand, K.V.Ramani (1995, p24) described Personnel Management as part of the management process which is concerned with human constituents of an organization. In a simpler term, this means getting the best out of the people by winning and maintaining their wholehearted collaboration. (1995, p26) Personnel management is most realistically seen as a series of activities enabling working man and his employing organization to reach agreement about the nature and objectives of the employment relationship between them, and then to fulfil those agreements. (Torrington and Chapman 1979, p.4)

This has been a key topic for discussion by numerous of author for quite sometimes, unfortunately there’s no definite answer or clear differences between HRM and Personnel Management. Torrington (2009, p18) perceived ‘personnel management has grown through assimilating a number of additional emphases to produce an even richer combination of experience..HRM is no revolution...
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