Personnel Management Matrix

Topics: Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Human rights Pages: 6 (1301 words) Published: April 28, 2014
Running Header: Intelligence-Led Policing and Civil Liberties Intelligence Led Policing and Civil Liberties
Dorothy Savage
Law Enforce Intel-Led Police
Instructor: Dr. Arthur Hayden
December 13, 2013

According to Peterson (2005) Intelligence-led policing is a collaborative enterprise based on improved intelligence operations and community-oriented policing and problem solving, which the field has considered beneficial for many years. To implement intelligence-led policing, police organizations need to reevaluate their current policies and protocols. Intelligence must be incorporated into the planning process to reflect community problems and issues. Information sharing must become a policy, not an informal practice. Most important, intelligence must be contingent on quality analysis of data. The development of analytical techniques, training, and technical assistance needs to be supported. It was the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 that revealed a life-and-death importance of enhancing U.S. intelligence operations. There has been a tremendous amount of attention on the need for constructive changes in law enforcement intelligence (Peterson, 2005). Ethical debate between individual rights and national security There have been many ethical issues being debated since October, 2001 on the USA PATRIOT Act (PLAW 107-56, 2001) that claimed encroachment of American civil liberties and Constitutional rights. Some Americans oppose the new law because he or she believes it gives the Federal Government and agencies too much freedom to conduct surveillance using various methods such as cell phones, internet and financial systems databases. It is argued that freedom goes against their First Amendment rights which protect their freedom of speech and their Fourth Amendment Rights which protect “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures according to the department (Justice, 2006). Other Americans believe that the PATRIOT Act is unethical and unconstitutional and has little or even no benefit to the National Security because they do not understand how important this new legislation is and how beneficial it could be when the systems that are being implemented have a chance to grow and the government agencies that have been tasked with using this new legislation have the opportunity to perfect its application. The PATRIOT Act legislation appears to be very controversial, however it also shows to be beneficial to the safety of the American People and National Security while not illegally violating Constitutional rights. Relationship between civil liberties and intelligence-led policing In 2001 President George W. Bush put a warrant without evidence act in place which gave the different types of law enforcement new sources for gathering information. The power was given with the purpose of making the nation’s security stronger and spreading their reach to locate and prevent possible terrorist attacks. The use information sharing is the one of the components of intelligence gathering that has been legal however, with the new provisions of Patriot Act there is even more power that can be used by agencies on information sharing. Agencies do not have to pick and choose what information to pass on, they simply pass it on and from there the information is sorted. People are no longer seen as unlawful and lawful citizens with the Patriot Act, so large sums individuals personal lives are being accessed throughout the country by law enforcement agencies. There are no boundaries on information sharing it simply reaches the information centers on United State citizens where threats can be weeded out. Whereas, in the past agencies were afraid of sharing what they knew. Title two of the Patriot Act has help with intelligence gathering. This has allowed the government to use wiretaps through the Foreign Intelligence...
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