Personnel Management

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Definition of Personnel Management

Obtaining, using and maintaining a satisfied workforce. It is concerned with employees at work and with their relationship within the organization

Function of Personnel Management

1. Managerial Functions

This involves deliberate determination of objectives, planning of human resource requirements such as recruitment, selection, and training. It also involves forecasting of personnel needs, changing values, attitudes and behaviour of employees and their impact of the organization.


This involves establishing an intentional structure of roles for people in an organization. The structure considers chain of command, division of labour and assignment of responsibility. The end result will be a relationship will be established among the employees so that they can contribute collectively towards attainment of the organization goals.


This involves directing all the organization resources towards a common goal. Directing will ensure maximum employee contribution and also ensure coordination between the different departments.


The process of obtaining and maintaining a capable and competent work force. It covers manpower planning, recruitment, placement, induction and orientation, transfer, career progression, promotion and separation.


This involves the measurement of performance against goals and plans and to identify deviations and placing the process back on track.

2. Operative functions

These are further classified into four:

• Employment
• Development
• Compensation
• Employee Relations


This involves procuring and employing individuals with suitable knowledge, skills, experience and aptitude necessary to perform various tasks. This includes functions such as: job analysis, human resource planning, recruitment, selection, placement and induction.

Training and development

This is a process that is aimed to train and develop employees to improve and update their knowledge and skills so as to help them perform better. In development it can help improve an employee attitude, beliefs and values of the employee to match the organization needs. This comprises of: performance appraisal, training, management, career planning and development.


It is governed by awarding an employee extrinsically during and after the course of his job for his contribution to the organization adequately, equitably and in a fair manner. It comprises of salaries, incentives, bonus, and fringe benefits. This function involves: job evaluation, wage and salary administration, incentive bonus and fringe benefits.

Employee relation and services

This function deals with employees as social group that contribute to the organization, it includes:

1. Maintaining employees records
2. increasing employees productivity
3. keeping employees motivated
4. offering counseling services
5. developing policies and rules relating to employee’s behaviour 6. developing team building

Staffing Management

This is the process of recruiting, evaluating and selecting salaried, hourly, and contingent employees, following up and assessing their performance and letting go those who are no longer need or those who standards and performance has gone down.

These functions are under the company’s personnel department that is headed by a personnel manager whose other main functions include the following:

• The personnel manger frames policies related to the workforce.

• Acts as a staff advisor and assists the line managers in dealing with various personnel matters.

• Acts as a counselor, where he or she attends to problems and grievances of employees and try to offer guidance.

• Acts as a spokesman because he is in direct contact with employees therefore he acts as a representative of organization in committees.

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