Personnel Management

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1. In your own words, what is your understanding of job analysis? Illustrate or explain thoroughly/comprehensively. Job analysis is the breakdown of the contents of a job in order to provide a job description for such purposes as fitting the job into a grading structure or matching individual capabilities to job requirements. In simple terms, it may be understood as a process of collecting information such as operation and responsibilities of a specific job. It helps in providing facts in determining the skills, abilities and knowledge that are required on a chosen field. It defines the organization of jobs within the job family and allows identifying paths of job description for employees. It is simply the process of obtaining all pertaining job facts that would suit to an individual.

2. What are the principal uses of job analysis? Describe each link to Human Resources Management activities/program. Information from a job is used to assist with:
Recruitment and Replacement. It provides meaningful and correct job data for recruitment and selection of employees. Better utilization of workers. Helps determine job relationship in the transfer and promotion of employees to facilitate the opening of job opportunities at that entry level. It also helps in determining the actual physical demands of the job and suggests job adjustments to facilitate the improvement of workers. Vocational Counselling. Furnishes vocational counsellor with an assessment of the tasks and requirements of jobs and the avocations, training and experiences that lead as a basis for vocational counselling. Training. Determines the training needed by the employees and develops the training program given to them. Performance Evaluation. Provides an objective basis for developing performance standards Occupational Safety. Improves safety through the identification of job hazards.
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