Personification Paper

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Personification Paper
English 3
Many suns and moons have passed over my head. It gets cold here, but the people warm my life with their laughter and merriment that I bring to them. I truly enjoy making people happy, in fact, it is my job. I was created to please others and every chance I get to do that, I try. I bring shelter to warriors, noblemen, the king, the queen, and other folk of the town. I am a celebration centerpiece to reward the people for their efforts in making our land safe. Tonight in fact, there is a gathering once again. I’ve heard that the king would like to invite the town to come and bestow unto the celebration with mead-drinking and music for all to enjoy. It is almost time to start the festivities and I am gathering excitement by the second. I cannot wait to see the grinning smiles, ear to ear, of the people sharing stories of their lives and enjoying the company of one another.

The party has started and I can hear the men playing their hand-crafted instruments beautifully. The people are dancing and after each song telling the band to play more. I wish that this could go on all night! The children are running around and laughing at each-other’s dancing, although none of them are very skilled themselves. It is truly a wonderful time to be alive. As the moon gets higher in the night sky, her light shines on my back, but the people cannot see the horror that approaches outside my walls. Something in the distance rustles. It sounds like trees falling, and forest floor cracking. The creature is back once again. I have loathed the monster since the day I met him. His name is Grendel and he destroys my walls irrevocably. He is an evil creature who lurks in the dark swamp not too far from where I stand day and night. Once in a while when I am hosting parties for the king, Grendel comes and rips away some of the people who only tried to get away from his grasp . He’s coming now; I can see his dripping, slimy, oozing structure...
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