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Topics: Leadership, Management, Social influence Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: November 26, 2010
Should Subordinates Evaluate Their Leaders?
Larry L. Polk, Jr. & Laquita Hailey
American InterContinental University
August 5, 2006

Should subordinates evaluate their leaders? This topic will help us explore the ideal that leaders are willing to accept feedback from their subordinates. By accepting feedback, leaders would have to be willing to exercise referent powers, while decreasing their legitimate and coercive power influences, and build better relationships with their subordinates. Also, possessing the ability to accept positive feedback and constructive criticisms could help improve productivity and performances within the company. Should Subordinates Evaluate Their Leaders?

In a “pro” point-of-view, it does not dilute a leader’s authority if the subordinates are allowed to evaluate the leader’s performances. If anything, allowing the subordinates to evaluate the leader will increase their referent power—without a reliance on and a “need for power”; thus, decreasing their legitimate and coercive power influences, as it relates to their subordinates. By appearing to be as a subordinate in the company or exercising referent power, this environment will allow the leader to build a relationship with their subordinates and promote friendlier relations. However, in order for this situation to be possible, the leader must be willing to accept the performance feedback as constructive criticism and less as destructive criticism. Allowing subordinates to feel comfortable to freely express themselves will also give them a sense of belonging to the company, which would also increase productivity. Feedback given to leaders will not dilute their authority if the leader can accept the feedback given and use it to improve their performance. Some leaders are unable to accept feedback from their subordinates. There are instances where subordinates will not give feedback because of the fear of losing their jobs. Leaders can use this feedback...
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