Personality Theories

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Personality Theories

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Personality Theories

I want to start with Maslow. Through Maslow the Humanistic Theory is a common theory in psychology. This theory beliefs that all people are naturally good. They want to grow and improve on their faults etc. When you think about Maslow, you will probably think of the famous “Hierarchy of Needs”. To be very visual, there is a pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid shows you the psychological, moving upwards, Safety, Love and Belonging, Self-Esteem and achieving excellence and most important is self-actualization. Reading this was very conflicting because this theory only beliefs that 1% of humans reach self-actualization. I don’t agree fully. I think self-actualization is very personal and not everyone has to be Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King etc. Regardless whether I agree or not, his theory contributes immensely to psychology and the study of personality. I can see where he came up with this theory because of the way we are as human beings. We have needs, we want gratification, we want positive outcomes, to be loved and belong, we have self-esteem needs. Women get breast augmentations many times for vain purposes because in reality, big breasts are not needed to breastfeed or live. We get boob jobs because we have a void in our DNA, we have a need to be more attractive, be socially accepted etc etc. This brings me to Freud. Freud was the first to discuss the unconscious mind. We typically see the glacier like model of the id, ego, conscious and unconscious. The ego is the idea that the desires of the id must be satisfied in a method that is both socially appropriate and realistic. He is famous for talking about the oral stage, anal stage, latency stage and genital stage. From birth to 18 months children are in the oral stage biting and chewing on everything and totally dependent on mom. The next stage the anal stage, means they gain a sense of control over the environment when being...
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