Personality Testing

Topics: Projective test, Psychometrics, Clinical psychology Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Objective personality tests have a lot to offer a psychologist seeking to better understand their client and possibly scope out mental or medical illness. Because of this, and the generally high levels of reliability and validity found in objective tests, many clinicians turn to objective tests for their personality testing needs. However, despite the frequency of use, objective tests still have disadvantages to balance out their advantages. Like any other form of assessment, critics and advocates have weighed in for years on the merits and shortcomings that objective tests present. Advantages of Objective Tests

Unlike projective tests, objective test's counter, objective tests are quite economical. This is a certain upside since the cost of health care is rising and mental health facilities are looking for new methods of cutting costs while still providing the services the community needs. Since objective tests present a fixed set of questions and answer choices, they make available the option of group testing. A therapist can even allow a patient to complete such personality tests as the MMPI-2 alone and bring it back to them. Additionally, in today's day and age it is possible to have a computer score the test as opposed to having the therapist go over it, which can be an extremely time-consuming process.

This leads to the second advantage of objective personality assessments. Since the questions and answers are set, the scoring is objective, allowing for easier interpretation of data. Whereas projective tests require a great deal of interpretation skill on the part of the clinician, objective assessments make it easier on the clinician to interpret the score into something meaningful for diagnosis and treatment. However, this is not to say that testers need not be well trained and skilled. The simplicity of scoring and administration can often lead to errors and misuse, one major flaw of objective exams. These flaws and misuse can greatly affect the...
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