Personality Test Word Definitions

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Personality Test Word Definitions

Adventurous. One who will take on new and daring enterprises with a determination to master them. Adaptable. Easily fits and is comfortable in any situation.
Animated. Full of life, lively use of hand, arm, and face gestures. Analytical. Likes to examine the parts for their logical and proper relationships. 2
Persistent. Sees one project through to its completion before starting another. Playful. Full of fun and good humor.
Persuasive. Convinces through logic and fact rather than charm or power. Peaceful. Seems undisturbed and tranquil and retreats from any form of strife. 3
Submissive. Easily accepts any other’s point of view or desire with little need to assert his own opinion. Self-sacrificing. Willingly gives up his own personal being for the sake of, or to meet the needs of others. Sociable. One who sees being with others as an opportunity to be cute and entertaining rather than as a challenge or business opportunity. Strong-willed. One who is determined to have his own way.

Considerate. Having regard for the needs and feelings of others. Controlled. Has emotional feelings but rarely displays them. Competitive. Turns every situation, happening, or game into a contest and always plays to win! Convincing. Can win you over to anything through the sheer charm of his personality. 5

Refreshing. Renews and stimulates or makes others feel good. Respectful. Treats others with deference, honor, and esteem. Reserved. Self-restraint in expression of emotion or enthusiasm. Resourceful. Able to act quickly and effectively in virtually all situations. 6

Satisfied. A person who easily accepts any circumstance or situation. Sensitive. Intensively cares about others, and what happens. Self-reliant. An independent person who can fully rely on his own capabilities, judgment, and resources. Spirited. Full of life and excitement.

Planner. Prefers to work out a detailed arrangement beforehand for the accomplishment of project or goal, and prefers involvement with the planning stages and the finished product rather than the carrying out of the task. Patient. Unmoved by delay, remains calm and tolerant.

Positive. Knows it will turn out right if he’s in charge.
Promoter. Urges or compels others to go along, join, or invest through the charm of his own personality. 8
Sure. Confident, rarely hesitates or wavers.
Spontaneous. Prefers all of life to be impulsive, unpremeditated activity, not restricted by plans. Scheduled. Makes, and lives, according to a daily plan, dislikes his plan to be interrupted. Shy. Quiet, doesn’t easily instigate a conversation.

Orderly. A person who has a methodical, systematic arrangement of things. Obliging. Accommodating. One who is quick to do it another’s way. Outspoken. Speaks frankly and without reserve.
Optimistic. Sunny disposition who convinces himself and others that everything will turn out all right. 10
Friendly. A responder rather than an initiator, seldom starts a conversation. Faithful. Consistently reliable, steadfast, loyal, and devoted sometimes beyond reason. Funny. Sparkling sense of humor that can make virtually any story into a hilarious event. Forceful. A commanding personality whom others would hesitate to take stand against. 11

Daring. Willing to take risks; fearless, bold.
Delightful. A person who is upbeat and fun to be with.
Diplomatic. Deals with people tactfully, sensitively, and patiently. Detailed. Does everything in proper order with a clear memory of all the things that happen. 12
Cheerful. Consistently in good spirits and promoting happiness in others. Consistent. Stays emotionally on an even keel, responding as one might expect. Cultured. One whose interests involve both intellectual and artistic pursuits, such as theatre, symphony, ballet. Confident. Self-assured and certain of own ability and success. 13

Idealistic. Visualizes things in their perfect form, and has a need to...
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