Personality Reflection Paper

Topics: Personality psychology, Personality test, Personality Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: January 29, 2011
This paper will reflect how I define personality, some key personality features that define me, whether other’s view me differently than I view myself, reflect if my personality features are consistent or if they change with a particular situation, describe any personality tests I may have taken and my reaction to the analysis, and finally my thoughts on what would make a personality valid or not.

How would you define personality?
Personality is the qualities and traits that reflect a person’s character or behavior specific to that person and makes him or her who they are. I believe a person’s personality is shown in a number of ways; first through one’s feelings, thoughts, and actions. For the most part a person’s personality is consistent with minimal change on a daily basis. Our personality allows us to act in certain ways and respond to certain things in our lives.

What are some key personality features that define you?
Some of the key personality features that define me are that I am an Introvert. This means I am a very responsible person, organized and task-oriented, serious about almost everything, I have a very good memory when it comes to facts and data, my work ethic is unmatched by my peers, I like to use a logical approach to everything, and I’m not easily distracted. Some key mottos associated with my personality features can be; “work hard, play hard,” “plan your work, work your plan,” and “take your time to do it right.”

Do others view you differently than you view yourself?
I do not think so, for the most part any feedback I ever received from others, fits me to a “T”. For example, my coworker told me she can’t stand how organized and task oriented I am. She went on to say that I take things too seriously and that is really who I am. I tend to professional about everything I do. I feel if you have issues or concerns that you might not be up to the challenge, leave all that at the door before you walk through it.

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