Personality Reflection

Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Trait theory Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Personality Reflection

Personality, everyone has one. Some personalities are fun some are outgoing, and some people you may not think they have a personality. What is a personality? Define a personality. Each and every person has different personality features. Some personality features stand out more than others. There are different terms that describe personalities that make you different as a person. Some personalities are consistent and some may change depending on the situation you are in. There are personality test that could possible measure or determine your personality, depending on the test. If a personality test is reliable and/or valid it could make a useful tool.

Personality is character. It defines how you are as an individual. It is created by genetics; you have the opportunity to pick up a personality trait from a relative. Personality created from your environment. For example if you come from happy home, then you may have a more happy friendly personality. Also personalities are produced by certain circumstances. What that statement means is that if you had some type of trauma in your life like death of a close relative or love one it can effect to type of personality that you have.

My personality is that I am funny in a settle way. I am also very calm. I continue to keep a calm demeanor no matter what the situation is. These are some of the personality features that I hold. Some people say that I am sarcastic. I could see why they say that, buy I would consider that as a personality trait. I am also known as being caring and very loving which I really appreciate everyone who thinks that of me.

There is several ways that I could have developed my personality trait. I know that my personality has changed with maturity which was created has just knowing right from wrong. I have grown a lot within and my personality has changed. I also have received some of my personality traits that were inherited such as my frequent laughter, my quick...
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