Personality Psychology

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Personality is usually consistent throughout one’s life span. However, some people do exhibit major personality changes. To start with, biological factors have many ways of keeping consistency and changing your personality. Biological factors such as our body structure can affect our personality. And example is how fat men usually are easy going and social, while the thin persons are self- controlled and irritated. Physical structure also makes a difference in behavior towards a particular person. It is said that our behavior towards different individuals changes according to their physical structure. The amount of chemical elements in the body can also change one’s personality. An example is drugs. Drugs can have a major affect one someone’s personality; leaving someone happy, sad, anger, depressed, and even obsessed.

A second factor that changes or keeps personality steady is the learning factor. A good definition of personality is the way you have learned to deal with the everyday challenges of life. How you learn to deal with things and the lessons you learn, create the general trend or style of your behavior. Whether you learn to favor logical or associative thinking, or whether you prefer to spend more time in reflection or action, our life experiences for good or bad also have an impact on our personalities. For example you’re an innocent, happy girl that imagines fairytales. You end up falling for a boy people would consider a ‘bad boy’ and he ends up breaking your heart. From that day on you turn into a more conserved, distanced girl to make sure you don’t get hurt again. You learned not to let people into your life so easily.

Another factor that keeps your personality the same or changes it is the situational factor. The effect of the environment on personality is very strong. Many times the actions of the person are determined by the situation. The situation may have a very big impact on the actions and expressions of someone. For instance,...
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