Personality Overview Psychoanalytic Theories: Freud vs. Horney
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Personality Overview
A plethora of theories allow for an abundance of perspectives, therefore the various personalities that exist amongst humans are just as diverse and as a result, multiple theories are required in order to obtain any understanding of oneself. To demonstrate these concepts, a comparison and contrasting technique proves useful as individual strengths and weaknesses are discovererable, in addition to the presentation of opportunities for learning their assumptions and limitations for the purpose of making attempts at explaining each of our personalities. As difficult as it might be due to the many theories it is possible to determine exactly why we are the way we are and in doing so, the assumptions of Freudian theory must be taken into consideration, often times in contrast with theories of other psychological masterminds such as those proposed by maybe Karen Horney who birthed concepts of the psychoanalytic social theory. The differences regarding the ideas of both Freud and Horney are evident, however using the theories of either one to fully explain personality remain questionable.
Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory Sigmund Freud, a key developer in psychoanalytic theory faced an uphill climb during his rise to psychological fame. His incomplete research, however, hindered the acclaim he so desperately sought. Emotionally deteriorated as a result, Freud was forced to take a closer look into his work for the purpose of providing the greater understanding previously mentioned. He focused initially on the energy influences prompting human motion and believed that this energy, the psychic energy, exists within everyone and therefore the body, including one’s mind, is a mechanistic energy system (Feist & Feist, 2009).
Freud recognized that this energy is comprised of instinctive reactions that will remain the same throughout the span of life while fueled by the pleasure felt through the release of this particular form of energy. With this said,

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