Personality of an Intp

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Myers Briggs personality test: The personality of an INTP

An introverted intuitive thinker otherwise known as an INTP personality type is who I am. The research I have conducted explains the way I grow and think as a human being. It will give reason to my nonsocial habits and my tendencies to focus in on problems. This research not only gives understanding to the basic of my personality traits but it demonstrated my strengths and weaknesses as well. INTPs are very logical people and can do great things. As thinkers INTPs look at wide variety of outcomes in a situation. Clarity is essential to how situations are handled. My research gave a look on how I perceive the world. My ideas sometime don’t fit into reality. Perception, being another trait of mine gives me the ability to adapt to the twists and turns of the world. Now I am able to put into perspective things happening and things that will happen in my life as an INTP.

The Personality of an INTP
Step 1
Everyone has his or her own personality type. There are introverts and extroverts. There are the sensors and intuitivist; the thinkers and feelers. And there are those who are either perceiving or judging. I have recently learned my own through conducting some research. After taking two personality tests I received a letter score of INTP. Each letter represents a personality trait that I express the most and separate my characteristics. The I in INTP

Introverts like being alone. Rather than be around a large group of people, a party of one is more suitable. According to the Myers & Briggs Foundation, INTPs like getting energy from dealing with the ideas, pictures, memories, and reactions that are inside their head, in an inner world. Taking time to reflect, providing a clear idea of what to do when deciding to act. Ideas are almost solid things for me. Sometimes forgetting to check with the outside world an INTP’s ideas may fail to fit reality. The N in INTP

“The Intuitive side of our brain seeks to understand, interpret and form overall patterns of all the information that is collected and records these patterns and relationships. It speculates on possibilities, including looking into and forecasting the future. It is imaginative and conceptual (Myers Briggs Test | MBTI Personality Types. 2012.).” An intuitive thinker tends to rely on intuition more often than anything. I seek logic in a final outcome; however the decision rendered is determined by intuition.

The T in INTP
As a thinker I prefer logic over anything. “When I make a decision, I like to find the basic truth or principle to be applied, regardless of the specific situation involved. I like to analyze pros and cons, and then be consistent and logical in deciding (The Myers & Briggs Foundation. n.d.).” The P in INTP

“A Perceiver takes the outside world as it comes and is adopting and adapting, flexible, open-ended and receptive to new opportunities and changing game plans (Myers Briggs Test | MBTI Personality Types. 2012.).” Perceive the world as their own. “INTPs appear to be loose and casual. Usually keeping plans to a minimum. They are stimulated by an approaching deadline (The Myers & Briggs Foundation. n.d.).” They tend to live inside their own mind. Me and INTP

“I have unusual ability to focus in depth to solve problems in my area of interest. I am skeptical, sometimes critical, and always analytical (The Myers & Briggs Foundation. n.d.).” When it comes to things I am interested in or like doing, I often times find myself zoned out, focusing on that one particular item or task. I am very critical of myself and friends, especially when it comes to success. I always search for all possible outcomes before I render my decision. As a human being I have my strengths and weaknesses. “I am generally laid-back and easy-going, and approach things very enthusiastically. I seldom feel personally threatened by conflict or criticism. However I’m not good at expressing my...

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