Personality disorder

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Personality Disorders
I have chosen to write about personality disorders, because I have a personal insight on some of these disorders. My daughter and my mother both have borderline personality disorder. In chapter 12 page 412 it states that people despite having certain characteristic views of the world and ways of doing things, people normally can adjust their behavior to fit a difficult situation. But some people, starting at some point early in life, develop inflexible and maladaptive ways of thinking and behaving that are so exaggerated and rigid that they cause serious distress to themselves or problems to others. People with such personality disorders range from harmless eccentrics to cold-blooded killers. All of these disorders can be treated with therapy and medication. Schizoid personality disorder is a type of personality disorder that is characterized by the inability or desire to form social relationships and have no warm or tender feelings for others. These people tend to be “loners”. They are often unable to express their feelings and seem to be distant or appear to be cold towards other people. These people often never marry and have trouble holding jobs that require them to interact with other people. When I think of this personality I think of the character Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory”, he is often distant with emotion towards the other characters in the show. He is a scientist in which his character researches the physics and rarely has interaction with other people. The opposite of this personality is avoidant personality disorder. This person wants to have close relationships with others. But it also can lead to isolation. Paranoid personality disorder is another personality disorder. They often will see their thinking as rational and objective, yet they are guarded. In chapter 12 it states that these type of people are secretive, devious, scheming and argumentative. They are suspicious and mistrustful and even when there is no...
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