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Personality Characteristics

By lisha15 Nov 12, 2010 1122 Words
Personality Characteristics
Lisha Storment
April 27, 2010
Scott Duncan

This paper will describe the personality characteristics that enabled the development of my personality during my childhood years of early development, family and social relationships, and also the educational background that was and is a key component to my development.

Personality can be defined as life’s experiences that have been ensconced from those around us, including the environment that encircles our beings. Webster’s dictionary defines personality as “distinctive individual qualities of a person, considered collectively”. Also, some qualities that could be defined as good qualities versus bad qualities were mentioned, (Webster’s). “Personality is to man what perfume is to a flower”, quoted by Charles M. Schwab. During early childhood development, my personality was becoming noticed by those around me. My childhood was a happy occurrence in which both parents were present during my first five years, where studies have shown to be of great importance in the forming of the personality and development of children. There was no sickness in my environment, no negative environment in which a child could be scarred or interrupted in their early childhood development. My father was in the Air Force and we traveled to many different cities and countries. I did lack the stability of forming roots in one place, with the same friends, same school, and the same home. But, I did not suffer when it came to forming new friendships or the ability to connect to a new home or school. I seemed to have thrived in this situation. I made new friends and continued to grow and learn and to adapt in new situations when the time arose. My personality is easy-going, laid back, flexible, and happy on the most part. We do learn an abundance of qualities from our peers and family. Some of those qualities are positive while others are negative. It is up to us to pick and choose the qualities that enable success and positivity. We lean toward the qualities that will draw others to us, to want what we have. Children are like sponges, they soak up anything and everything around them. That is why adults must be careful to show only those qualities that are positive and sunny. My family was intact throughout my childhood and now into my adult life. I have had a stable upbringing without any real conflicts. The relationships within my family have been overall good and without tension on the most part. I am from a family of only four. I have an older sister who is nothing like me concerning personality qualities or attributes. She did have scarring when she was in early childhood development because my father left my mother for a short time. My sister was aware of this and was hurt by his absence. She has suffered throughout her life from his absence during her developmental period. Even in her adult life she continues to carry unnecessary baggage around with her because of this detrimental scarring that took place and she is unable to release the pain. Nonetheless, our family has flourished and continued to stay together. I believe that a good education is very important. In order for good communication within a family to continue, we all must have the tools needed to accomplish simple tasks within the family. My educational background is only a positive in my life. I have continued to represent to my children and family that education is a must for a successful life. Education is the key component to solving many of life’s many deep, dark problems that could hamper children from developing good healthy personalities within themselves. Children grab little morsels from television, family members, friends, music, and their environment while forming their personalities. We as parents have to be the guard, in so much, to what we want their personality to be formed into and how. The characteristic of having the ability to be easy-going has enabled me to continue to make new acquaintances and to form real, lasting friendships. I have continued to have friendships from early childhood that have lasted well into my adult life. This quality has given me the success needed at my current job level. I have been instilled with the ability to speak to large groups of people in a setting for educational reasons, and have been successful relaying vital information in a relatively calm manner without too much nervousness. The characteristic of having a sunny disposition is vital when working side-by-side individuals in the work place. The ability to get along well with others is vital in the workplace and vital when it comes time for promotions and evaluations. Bad relations in the workplace are only a negative for everyone involved. Of course, without a good personality one’s social life would be dull and boring. Friends would be far and far between. A social life is also important to enjoy because we continue to learn from others and to grow in maturity within our personality. The characteristic of embodying flexibility is of high importance. When one is able to flow with the current or to cruise along without rocking the boat, it is a good quality to have in the workplace and also socially. One who is rigid and firm without bending is not anyone that would be considered spontaneous or even fun to be around. I enjoy making plans at the last minute. I do not live by a date book or anyone else’s for that matter. Our family is very spontaneous and without many boundaries. We tend to fly by the seat of our pants most of the time. This behavior does get exhausting at times, but it does seem to work for us at this point. In conclusion, the characteristics of my personality which include a sunny disposition, flexibility/spontaneity, and easy going, are all good qualities to incorporate a good, healthy relationship within the family unit as well as in the workplace and in the social arena. Dr. Joyce Brothers is quoted to saying, “An individual’s self-concept is the core of his personality. It affects every aspect of human behavior: the ability to learn, the capacity to grow and change. A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for a successful life”. Truly, personality is a very serious key component needed in order for early development to occur correctly and for our individual success while possessing a good and solid personality.

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